At Kotaway, we focus on simple, elegant and effective — to embrace environment and wellbeing.

We design products that have a meaningful impact on our customers’ everyday lives.  

Eco friendly, natural and organic.


We make thoughtful products for you and your home that are shaped by serene nature references to provide tranquility and comfort. We create products to complement any home with a desire to embrace natural and slow living through an uncompromising offering of products for Everyday wear, Sleep and Home. The most significant element for us is longevity and quality: we want to make products that people will enjoy for decades to come. Therefore, we encourage our customers to treat their pieces with care.

Inherently ethical -In the very heart, string and stitch of every our piece lies ethical approach to our collections’ creation. By partnering with small manufacturers across Serbia we are providing job opportunities for local communities and ensuring that the entire production process remains flawless, equitable and carefree. Outcome: Delivering responsible products with everyone’s satisfaction sewn-in.



We use linen to manufacture our bedding. Linen is a strong, long-lasting fiber made from flax. Another reason we love it is because it gives a tactile, soft experience. Linen production also uses much less water and pesticides than cotton. 

Our linen carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, ensuring that no chemicals harmful to humans have been used at any stage of production along the textile value chain — from raw material extraction through the finished product.

Exclusives – 

We trust in fabrics that feel right naturally. These pieces are carefully crafted to give you the sense of longevity. We pay special attention to every detail, no matter how much time it takes to make our pieces purely good.  Devoted to slow living, we produce effortless clothing lines of high-quality natural materials such as cotton, linen and tencel. It’s all about uncomplicated aesthetics which ensures our garments remain timeless.


Ready to wear at any time, at any place, our everyday essentials are flexible and adjustable. Patiently handmade in small series by our own rules: highly ethical and sustainable. 


To encourage our customers to keep designing their life with natural surroundings, we crafted objects for everyday use. Ceramic set has handmade nature that gives slightly different sizes and finishes, so each of these objects is unique.

Fabric/body mist made not only to keep your clothes and bedding fresh but to stimulate your hormones by supporting you with morning and sleep rituals. 


Our mission is by the end of 2022 to offer you herbal/plant dying clothing and home textiles. In this process fabrics are dyed with herbs like lavender sage, turmeric, tea leaves..etc. In the whole process no chemical are used, to ensure your long lasting fabrics are 100% safe

By the end of 2021 we are committed to offer you packaging that is made from RECYCLED material, which uses less energy and water. By using recycled product, we are also reducing landfill which creates methane gas and other air pollutants.


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